Why Am I Running?

I am running because the continued one-party rule in Ohio has left our state stagnant.

We need change in our State House and leaders who are passionate about serving our district.

Please join me as we make our voices heard in Columbus!


Children are our future and we need to make sure every child has access to a quality education

We do this by investing in our schools and not shift the tax burden onto residents who may not be able to afford levies

We must protect school autonomy and make sure school boards, parents, and teachers have the most say in school education

Local Government

We must increase funding to our local governments and ensure that they can provide adequate and efficient essential services

Republicans have shifted the burden of paying for these services onto residents and away from the state, increasing costs and reducing accountability

We must increase funding to our police, fire, and cities

Our Environment

The Dayton area is blessed with abundant clean drinking water, we must protect this invaluable resource and ensure that everyone in the area has access to it

Our state government must prioritize protecting our waterways and ensuring they are protected from pollutants and runoff

Creating good jobs

Dayton has an educated and willing workforce, we are ripe for even more job growth

Ohio must prioritize creating good jobs, like renewable energy development, high-tech manufacturing, and other cutting edge jobs

Ohio can do this by investing in Career Technical Schools to train children in vocations that will suit them in the modern workspace and being more aggressive in pursuing these industries in all parts of Ohio.

Families’ costs

As costs have gone up, the government must take a role in helping families afford basic needs like prescription drugs, healthcare, and utilities

The state must be aggressive in enacting programs to make sure families can afford needed drugs and medical care without bankrupting themselves

renewable energy

We must build a new energy system that encourages renewable energy and the transition away from fossil fuels

Renewable energy is both cheaper and more reliable than traditional fossil fuels

Our state must support renewable energy by incentivizing residents to adopt clean energy and encouraging green developments like wind farms and solar developments

lgbtq+ rights

LGBTQ rights are human rights and we need to make sure that everyone is able to have equal rights and equal opportunity regardless of their gender or sexual orientation

Many states are passing bills that target the LGBTQ community, specifically LGBTQ youth – we need to make sure these bills don’t pass here and fight discrimination

We must pass anti-discrimination bills at the statewide level

We must support and stand with our LGBTQ youth so all young people can thrive

Gun rights

We need more common-sense gun regulations, like greater tracking and cracking down on “ghost guns”

Gun violence has gone up because more guns are on the street and only by greater investment in stopping gun violence can we prevent it

My opponent recently voted for SB 215 which allows anyone to carry concealed weapons without a license

This is dangerous and flies in the face of common-sense gun regulation

The Fraternal Order of Police has advocated against this dangerous law

public transportation

Having a robust and efficient public transportation system would help combat climate change by reducing car emissions and encourage more people to move to Ohio because they will not need a car to commute

We should build an inter-city rail system between Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus which would encourage regional growth and allow people to reduce commute times by working on the train rather than waiting in their cars

voting rights

Access to polls is essential for our democracy and we need to make sure voting is both efficient and secure

Republicans in Ohio want to pick their own voters and ensure our democracy only works for them

We must increase:

– Early voting opportunities

– Make election day a statewide holiday

– Make sure that people can still vote absentee

The recent redistricting crisis is one of the most egregious examples as Republicans have cost Ohio taxpayers $25 million dollars by refusing to pass fair maps and follow the Ohio Constitution

Instead, they have passed gerrymandered maps solely on partisan lines

abortion access

Abortion is an extremely personal decision between a woman and her doctor and the government should not intrude

Republicans in Columbus want to outlaw all abortions, including in cases of rape and incest

We must ensure women have access to safe, legal, and compassionate abortion care

Republicans will not stop with abortions and will target contraceptives and abortion pills, taking away a woman’s right to have control over her own body and life

criminal justice reform

We need to reform our criminal justice system and focus on rehabilitation and increased funding

Working in the court system, I have seen firsthand how unfairly our criminal justice system treats low-income individuals, especially those of color

We can do this by:

–  Getting rid of cash bail

– Increasing funding to court systems and diversionary programs

– More support for mental health services


Unions and workers are the backbone of our country and have helped create a strong and prosperous middle class, our State must support workers’ right to organize and stand with union members in labor disputes

This includes efforts like:

– Preventing “Right to Work” legislation from passing in Ohio

– Working with unions to create more vocational and apprenticeship programs, and making them more available to everyday Ohioans

– Speaking out on behalf of workers’ issues and rights, and making sure workers are not unfairly disciplined for organizing and expressing their rights under the Constitution


I see so much potential in Ohio, but Republicans in the State House are squandering it and keeping Ohio in a race to the bottom.

We need change in the State House. One-party rule has led to failures in our state and no new ideas to draw people to Ohio, like the young people who grew up here, love our state, and are looking for opportunities to stay.

We need new fresh ideas in the State House and I want to be that change. Please join me!