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My name is Addison Caruso and I am running for State Representative in my hometown of District 36 because I am disappointed and frustrated with the direction our state is heading in and we need change.

Republicans in the State House are increasingly pushing a divisive agenda on behalf of a radical few, not everyday Ohioans. We need to send a message and hold them accountable. We can change the State House together.

Meet Addison Caruso – our next State Representative!

When I decided to come back to my home of Oakwood, Ohio, it was because I saw so much potential here.

We have an educated and willing workforce, we have great communities, and friendly people, all of whom want policies that will help every day Ohioans. But our legislature that is doing the exact opposite, passing unpopular policies, like “permitless carry” and arming teachers, and thinking they can get away with it.

They won’t get away with it. We can hold them accountable.

From an early age, I have embraced public service as a big part of my life. In elementary school, I began volunteering at Carillon Park, sharing with visitors our innovative and unique history. At the same time, I became involved in politics, seeing it as a way to make a positive change, and knocked on doors to elect Obama in 2008 and 2012.

My passion for public service continued into my college years at Miami University with my involvement in College Democrats, volunteering for various school initiatives, and immersing myself in environmental organizations like Beekeeping Club. I knew after undergrad that I wanted to continue making a positive impact on the world, so law school seemed like a logical next step for me to continue working on behalf of the public.

I attended Duke Law School and loved it. It affirmed my passion for public service and gave me core skills I hope to bring to office. I was exposed to a new way of looking at the world and to solving problems, learning more about our unjust legal structures and I realized how much change is needed to create institutions that work for everyone.

With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to work in the nonprofit and governmental world and worked as a fellow at the Ohio Environmental Council working on advocacy, like advocating for fair districts, and legal issues, such as researching how our government works.

I am grateful that I was able to find a similar full-time position afterward as a legal aid attorney, back home in my community. I engage in individual work, such as fighting wrongful evictions and systemic advocacy as we push for laws to create a more equitable legal system. Public service and working for positive change are constants in my life.

My answer to why now, why when I am young? The reason is: I care about our state and our residents. And I see a state that has so much to offer but a State House that is squandering it. I believe in the Buckeye state and I believe in Ohioans! I knew I needed to be the change I want to see and that is why I am running.

My name is Addison Caruso,

please join me and together we can change our state for the better!

Head over to our Issues page to read more about Addison Caruso’s platform, and how he plans to help Ohio’s 36th District reach its full potential.

The best is yet to come!

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